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Rack Pod Transportable Rack System

Photos of the Rack Pod System in action

Options details pdf
  • 6' Plugmold multi-outlet strips with IG receptacles
  • 1/4" aluminum lacing bars
  • Front and rear doors, left or right opening
  • Removable side panels
  • Cooling fan array top plates

Rack Pod

AVM (Audio Video Metals Inc.) design department worked hand in hand with CTV engineers to design the most structurally sound transportable racking system. We now proudly offer this unique product the Rack Pod as a solution to your pre production installs.

Rack Pods are designed to be shipped fully loaded and tested to arrive on site ready for hook up. Multiple Rack Pods are connected with raised flooring to create any size of equipment room needed. Each Rack Pod consists of four 44RU or two 44RU 36” deep, welded, gangable racks that securely mount to a 6 3/4" high metal skid constructed with 4”x6” structural tubing positioned between two layers of 3/8” laser cut aluminum allowing access from all sides. A variety of layouts are now available with these two standard configurations.

The Rack Pod  is the most portable cost saving system available today.

Features details pdf

  • Angle braces for added strength and stability
  • Front and rear adjustable rack rails
  • Upper corner eye bolts for anchor points during shipping and for earthquake spec compliance
  • Grounding lugs
  • Rubber grommets on cable openings
  • Bottom travel covers to protect cables during movement
  • Aluminum and steel base skid with space for pump truck forks and cables
AVM RackPod Transportable Rack SystemAVM Rack Pod Transportable Rack System 


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